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Complete Engine Check points.

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Operations performed on each engine on over 300 parts.
Engine completely disassembled

      Block and Crankshaft thoroughly cleaned

      Units magnafluxed

      Threaded holes tapped

      Cylinders rebored and honed to proper size and finish

      Expansion plugs and galley plugs installed

      Pistons fitted to proper clearance

      Cylinder Blocks pressure tested and rust-proofed

      Cylinder Heads resurfaced

      Crankshafts reground and micro finished

      Camshaft parkerized

      Camshaft Bearings installed in Block

      Rod and Main Bearings installed in Block

      Timing Components installed

      Connecting Rods resized, Pin fitted and Pistons installed

      Connecting Rods aligned and weighted for matched sets

      Cylinder Head completely reconditioned and vacuum tested

      Engine precision assembled with new and reconditioned parts

      All   Pistons

    Piston Pins

    Pin Bushings

    Lock Rings

    Piston Rings

    Main Bearings

   Con. Rod Bearings

   Connecting Rods



   Camshaft Bearings

Assembled Engines tested.


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