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Feet Owners

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  You’ll never Rebuild and Install Your Engine Motor Again !  


pecial discounts for service stations, repair shops and Fleet owners, it just make good  business sense to let NEW LIFE ENGINE Take care of your engine replacement jobs…. So you can take in a profit.


Your Local NEW LIFE ENGINE . Stocks the most popular engines for

domestic cars, trucks and industrial applications, well as imported  cars and truck engine.

 Service station and repair Shops

Why tie up shop space and labor with costly and time –consuming engine rebuilding job ? have the Professional from New Life install a guaranteed remanufactured engine for your 

customer . We do the work ……You enjoy the profit. Plus, you’ve. retained a steady, valued    customer , You’ll never have to turn away these types of jobs again.

Fleet Owners

High Mileage and heavy duty may have you turning over your fleet sooner than you care. High turn-over can put a big dent in your company budget. With NEW  LIFE EINGINE. You can keep your present fleet on the road by simply letting us replace those tired engines with low cost, guaranteed , remanufactured engines. It’s an idea that just make  good business sense !

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  Attention Fleet owners why tie up your shop space and labor with costly time. when your local New Jersey Engine professional could save you time and money We do the work..You enjoy the profit ...Plus you' ve retain a steady work flow You will never have to turn away these type of jobs again.  
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